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The unofficial and unbelievable story of the Mad Mex Wrestler

Mad Mex luchador

Been wondering about the Mad Mex wrestler? Read on for the unofficial and unbelievable story of how he arrived in Australia…

Word on the street is that “The Masked Ones” found him near the Mayan ruins of Palenque when he was a baby.

The locals called the Masked Ones “Los Locos” (Crazy Ones) because they would cook all day and wrestle all night.

While the tribe of masked chefs were shrouded in mystery, people could see that they followed a Code:  healthy land + healthy food = a healthy body. The baby grew, practicing his wrestling moves and mastering the art of Mexican cuisine. When he became a man, he took the Oath of Los Locos and was sent out to the world.

How he arrived in Australia is unknown, but it’s likely he swam.

The Wrestler couldn’t find a decent Mexican restaurant, so he took matters into his own hands and opened Mad Mex. Since then, he has honoured the Masked Ones every day and now he is inviting you to join the tribe.

Yes, you can become a Loco!



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