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The World’s Best Cervezas

Mad Mex Mexican beer

We only serve the best cervezas!

Both Pacífico and Negra Modelo have been placed in the top 10 Best Beers in the World! Check out the top 10 according to “Find the Best”, which gathers and filters consumer and expert reviews from across the Web.

Top 10 Beers Based on FindTheBest’s User Ratings
Beers Star Rating Region
Pacifico 5-stars Mexico
Michelob ULTRA 5-stars United States
Ballantine XXX Ale 5-stars United States
Negra Modelo 5-stars Mexico
Windkoek Larger 5-stars Namibia
Aguila 5-stars Colombia
Smithwick’s Ale 5-stars Ireland
Affligem Blonde 5-stars Belgium
Laurentina Clara 5-stars Mozambique
Michelob ULTRA Lime Cactus 5-stars United States



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