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The Big Burrito Challenge


Mad Mex – Fresh Mexican Grill will, once again separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls with their annual Big Burrito Challenge, in all stores, throughout May.

The Mad Mex Big Burrito Challenge honours Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May 1862, the celebrated day in Mexican history, when the Mexican Army, facing the biggest challenge of their lives at Puebla and triumphed, against all odds, to defeat a French Army double their size, bent on establishing a Latin powerbase.

The Big Burrito is a monster challenge in itself to make, featuring two tortillas and double the amount of grilled meat, fresh ingredients and salsa rolled into one kilo of awesomeness. Only those challengers brave enough to def-eat the Big Burrito will earn the right to an authentic wrestling mask, custom made for Mad Mex by a mascarero professional (mask maker to the professional wrestlers) in Mexico.

For the fifth anniversary of this famous event, Mad Max are pitting professional eaters, sportsman, re-known foodies and runway models head to head, in a battle to finish their big burrito first in the in an event billed as the Ultimate Big Burrito challenge.

Can you live up to the challenge and def-eat el kilo burrito? The Big Burrito is available throughout May at all Mad Mex stores in New Zealand, for $25.



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